The Summer School on Islamic Urban Heritage 2012 held its fourth panel on July 12 th 2012
The Summer School on Islamic Urban Heritage 2012 held its fourth panel on July 12 th 2012 at the Yıldız Palace.

Attilio Petruccioli, Professor of Architecture, Director of ICAR, Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Bari, Italy presented a paper titled "Dead Cities of Syria" and pointed out there were 700 villages and some of them were very well preserved. He mentioned that the agriculture was very limited today and still there were local people living in those villages in well preserved Roman houses. The name of one of these villages is Deir Simon and has a few new houses in the old village. He exemplified private and public sphere in the village and explained how could be found a link between revitalization and local development. He also mentioned that there were some small and cheap hotels for tourists near the village and emphasized political and economic problems. He concluded the paper by highlighting that the projects for the villages should be minimalist, local people should be encouraged and local governments should support the projects.

Robert Di Giulio, Professor of Architecture, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture University of Ferrara, Italy presented his lecture on high technology for surveys and design with 3D and Laser Scanner. He mentioned the problems (like problems related to access the sites, speed of procedures, cost of survey…) that should be solved in the process. He exemplified his title with the case studies like Perugia, Pompei, Firenze and Salerno and explained why using technology was needed in those cases. He also emphasized the importance of using 3D technology in projects.

The lectures were followed by a fruitful discussion focusing especially the use of digital technologies within the field of heritage.
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