Agreement Of Using

An agreement for using Al-Turath Website:

Al-Turath provides you with a wide range of on-line services, products and news closely related to its own activities. If you gain an access to Al-Turath website or if you want to buy anything from its Web Site wide collection, that means that you are completely agreeing to all items stipulated in the agreement proposed, but we kindly ask you to read it carefully:

1) Information Secrecy:
Al-Turath provides its web clients with information that is to be treated with great secrecy, but it is not responsible for the user misuse of its Website.

2) Correspondence and Electronic Communications:
When you visit Al-Turath website or when you send an e-mail to it, that means that you can electronically get in touch with Al-Turath and you can receive electronic messages from this website from time to time. It should be stipulated in all agreements, amendments, addendums, protocols made between both parties that all disputes are to be settled legally.

3) Printing Rights:
The whole contents of Al-Turath website such as designs, images, texts, types, trademarks, logos, buttons, various files (visual, acoustic) accumulated information, flash program and displays are exclusively owned by Al-Turath and protected according to intellectual property laws and copying and printing rights that are in force domestically and internationally.

4) User License for the Website and its Services:
You can gain a conditional access to Al-Turath website if you like to make a private use of it, but you are not allowed to download any part of the site or distort or convert any item of its contents unless you get a written approval of Al-Turath. You should keep in mind that you will be summoned to legal courts in Saudi Arabia or wherever you are, if you try to violate rules and laws of using Al-Turath website. For instance, you will be liable for legal punishment if it occurs to you to copy the site or its contents partially or wholly in search of shortcomings, or with the aim of copying secret information, or using other techniques that may do harm to Al-Turath website.

5) Responsibility Boundaries:
Al-Turath is not responsible for any consequences, losses or problems resulting from using its site directly and indirectly, also, Al-Turath does not ensure any securities or guarantees for its site users and it does compensate them for any damages they may claim for as a result of using its site services directly or indirectly. However, as being a subscriber to Al-Turath website, you have to admit that you do not have the right to bring any legally suite against Al-Turath weather inside or outside of Saudi Arabia.

6) Generalizations, Conditions of using Al-Turath website and updating of the agreement:
As soon as you become a user of Al-Turath website, you must agree on all items of this agreement and the like. Saudi Courts are the only Juridical Authorities that will be entrusted to reconcile disputes that can not settle friendly. Your remarks and complaints are always welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us incase of misunderstanding or dissatisfaction. Moreover, this agreement can be modified and updated at anytime desired by Al-Turath.

The end of Agreement

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